Access Health CT Deepens Connections with Small Biz in CT

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New Opportunity for Small Businesses to Offer Health Insurance,

from November 15 to December 15, 2019

  • AHCT Small Business launches awareness campaign for the Employee Participation Waiver for small businesses, hosting meetings for the broker community.
  • During the employee participation waiver period, small businesses in Connecticut with less than 50 employees can enroll in a group health insurance plan without meeting a required minimum number of employees.
  • The opportunity is only available once a year—and only offered to new groups not currently enrolled in a plan through Access Health CT Small Business.

HARTFORD, Connecticut—November 19, 2019—Access Health CT (AHCT) Small Business is focusing on making health coverage possible by deepening connections with the broker and small business communities. AHCT Director of Small Business and Product Development, John Carbone, is activating a new business plan and is supported by a larger team to help increase the rate of insured small businesses in Connecticut. The new plan includes awareness events and meetings to educate brokers—which are demonstrating significant results—converting approximately 10 percent of engagements into insured small businesses. 

“At Access Health CT Small Business, we’re working to find new ways to engage with brokers and small businesses that can help them offer health insurance to employees—even if they have never been able to do that before,” said Carbone. “By working with the broker community, we are helping them offer small businesses more flexibility in selecting a plan—whether they enroll through Access Health CT or directly with a carrier–and we are supporting our mission to increase the rate of the insured.”

AHCT Small Business awareness events and meetings with brokers have been so successful, Carbone is extending the opportunity to engage with other small business influencers including professional associations, chambers of commerce and more.

Another way Access Health CT Small Business is working to make health insurance possible is through the “employee participation waiver period,” where small businesses in Connecticut with less than 50 employees can enroll in a group health insurance plan without meeting a required minimum number of employees. The employee participation waiver is designed to allow small businesses greater access to group health insurance plans. By eliminating the minimum employee requirement, more small businesses are able to offer a health insurance benefit they may not otherwise have been able to provide to their employees.

The employee participation waiver period starts November 15, 2019 and ends December 15, 2019—for a January 1, 2020 effective date. Access Health CT strongly encourages small business professionals to work with a broker and pick a plan that works best for them and their employees.

“This opportunity only happens once a year,” said Carbone. “Our team can work with you to provide a quote and even participate in meetings to help answer questions.”

This opportunity is only offered to new groups not currently enrolled through Access Health CT Small Business. To learn more about how to make health insurance possible for your small business employees, contact a broker. Visit to request a free quote or find a broker.

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Access Health CT (AHCT), Connecticut’s official health insurance marketplace established in 2011, is a place where individuals, families and businesses can shop, compare and enroll in quality healthcare plans from brand-name insurance companies. It is the only place where people could qualify for financial help to lower costs. AHCT supports health reform efforts at the state and national level and provides Connecticut residents with resources for better health, and an enhanced and more coordinated healthcare experience, resulting in healthier people, healthier communities and a healthier Connecticut. AHCT’s mission is to increase the number of insured residents in Connecticut, promote health, lower costs and eliminate health disparities. Connecticut residents and small business owners can compare and enroll in healthcare coverage and apply for tax credits for individuals through AHCT. AHCT (or the Marketplace) also partners with the Dept. of Social Services for eligibility and enrollment with state Medicaid Insurance and Children’s Health Insurance Programs. For more information about individual plans, visit For more information about small business plans, visit Like us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter @AccessHealthCT.

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