Hebron Maple Festival 2019

Join us Saturday March 16 and Sunday March 17 for this years Hebron Maple Festival!

A jam packed weekend of family fun! The Hebron Maple Fstival includes lots of maple flavored food and beverages, handmade arts and crafts as well as maple sugarhouse tours, historical demonstrations, a quilt show, and one of the largest tractor parades in New England.

There is no fee to attend. Please park in RHAM High School and take our continuously running buses to the Town Green. Wear weather appropriate clothing, especially when visiting the sugarhouses.

Want to reach 1000’s of local customers inexpensively?

Each year anywhere between 2000-8000 people attend the Hebron Maple Festival.  this year’s event is March 16-17 from 10-4.  Take advantage of the area’s largest event this winter/spring.

  •  A booth to promote your business is only $100
  • Artists/crafters booth only $100
  • ¼ page ad in recipe book and program is only $50
  • Full page ad is only $200
  • Sponsorships with your name and logo on website, news, signage starts at only $50!

All supporters are listed on our website, e-newsletters, printed newsletter in the Chronicle, radio show, signage at the event, multiple websites, social media platforms.  You get tremendous exposure for little cost.  The mission of this event is to promote local businesses.  Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!!! 

For more information on how to promote your business or increase your sales contact Diane Nadeau at diane@windhamchamber.com or 860-423-6389.



Hebron businesses/organization have priority registration until October 1, 2018 | Returning vendors have priority registration from October 1-November 1, 2018.  | New vendors can register after November 1, 2018. You can send your registration in earlier but it will only be accepted when appropriate.

We try not to have any duplicate vendors so registering early is important.


If the weather is good we will have between 4000-7000 guests.

The event will be outside on the town green and library parking areas.

There will be an art show inside RHAM High School.  This is for artists only.  Businesses will be outside on the green.  If your business cannot be outside (a massage therapist where you have to take off your coat) you can call and ask for a variance but there is very limited space at the school.

If you have any questions please call Diane at 860-423-6389.  We are all very excited to be planning the 2019 event.  We look forward to seeing you there!!!

 Advertising Opportunities In Maple Festival Program Booklet 

Maple Festival Sponsorship Opportunities Download Vendor Application Form & Information Here

As a vendor I agree to the following rules:

  1. I will be present for BOTH days of the event, Saturday and Sunday, 10 am-4 pm.
  2. My booth will be set up and ready by 9:45 am on Saturday and Sunday.
  3. I will not break down my booth until 4:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday.
  4. I understand this event is rain/snow or shine and I will not cancel because of weather.
  5. I understand that my registration is NOT REFUNDABLE under any circumstances after Feb 1.
  6. I understand that my booth will be outside in a 10’ x 10’ space on pavement.
  7. I understand that I may not be able to have a vehicle next to my booth.
  8. I understand that if I am selling or giving away food I must have a temporary food license fromthe Chatham Health District and I will complete and submit such a permit no later thanFebruary 15, 2018 or I will pay a late fee or be prohibited from selling/giving away food.
  9. I have read and agree to the General Event Information attached to this application.

The Chamber of Commerce, Inc. will be your host for the event. We are a non-profit organization with a mission to help organizations and businesses be more successful. The Town of Hebron is a member of the Chamber, and as such, we are here as a partner to help organize and grow this wonderful tradition and event.

We are fully insured for this event. However, our insurance does not cover the cost of lost, damaged or stolen property so please do not leave valuables unattended throughout the event.

Event fees help pay for the overall costs of the festival including police, buses, toilets, advertising, printing and signage. The fees are the same for businesses and non-profits.

Guests are looking for maple flavored items so it is required that you have at least one food item that is “maple” in your booth if you are serving food.

Vendor spaces are approximately 10’ x 10’ and all of them are outdoors on pavement. You must provide your own tables, tablecloths, signage, tents and other equipment. If you use a tent, and we strongly encourage that you do, please make sure you have weights to hold down the legs in wind.

Vendors must be present for BOTH days of the event. If you leave early you will not be invited back. Your absence and empty space takes away from the flow and success of the event and reflects poorly on the remaining vendors.

The event is rain/snow or shine. We watch the weather forecasts very carefully. We will hold the event in the snow or the rain. ONLY if there is a blizzard will we cancel or postpone the event. If there is a blizzard forecast for one of the days (like Sunday) we may hold the event on the other day (Saturday) and cancel the blizzard day.

There will be no refunds of registration fees for any reason after February 1. If the event is cancelled or postponed because of weather, you will not get a refund. Your fees are used to cover the cost of the event and are committed to such before any last minute cancellations. In all the years of the festival, it has only been postponed three times. If there is a blizzard the weekend of the event, it is likely that it will be postponed to the next weekend so please put a “save the date/snow date” in your calendar for the weekend after.

The area where the festival is located has limited space for vendor cars during set-up and break- down. We ask that you remain patient and follow directions during this process. You will be able to start setting up at 7:30 am. ALL VEHICLES DROPPING OFF ITEMS MUST BE OUT OF THE FESTIVAL AREA BY 9:30 AM!!! This is extremely important as guests begin to arrive at that time. PLEASE do not have items dropped off for your booth any time after 9:15 am as they will not be allowed to enter the festival area. This was a huge problem last year and created safety issues with pedestrian guests.

You will be given a “VENDOR” sign to put in the windshield of your vehicle as you drive in to unload your items. Please make sure you remember to put it on your dash or you may not be allowed into the festival area to unload.

There is vendor parking behind Something Simple Café off of Rt 85 and behind the Fire Department on Pendleton Dr. which is off of Rt 66.

Vendors must take their garbage with them. We are fortunate that the Fire Department volunteers to take away the garbage created by our guests but they will not take vendor garbage including boxes, broken tents, plastic tarps, etc. Please make arrangements to remove your garbage. If you are selling food you should have a garbage can for your customers at your booth or food truck.

If you are bringing a trailer or a “booth” other than a pop-up tent, please be sure to notify us on your application. We will try to make accommodations for everyone but cannot guarantee anything.

There is no electricity available. You can bring a small generator but you will need to notify us on your application.

If you have a question regarding whether or not you need a temporary food permit, which anyone who is serving food, even tastings, will need, please contact the Chatham Health District at 860-228-5971 x 138. Please mail your applications to the Hebron office at 15 Gilead St, Hebron, 06248.

If you have a question about propane or gas tanks or generators please contact the Hebron Fire Marshall at 860-228-3022. He will need to inspect all tanks at the start of the event.

We strongly suggest that you advertise this event with your customers through social media, email and your website. The more guests we have, the better for everyone involved.

All guests will be parking at RHAM High School and will take the shuttle buses to the Hebron Green and Douglas Library. All vendors will be located at the Hebron Green.

If you are a business or individual and would like to sponsor an activity but do not have the volunteers to actually plan one, please let us know. We have several musicians and activity options that need to be sponsored in order for them to perform.

You are not allowed to sell anything that you did not put down on your application. Please do not add items at the last minute because if someone else is selling that item you will be asked to remove it. We try our best not to have multiple vendors with the same items. You will not be allowed to sell maple syrup as the event sells this in the information booth to cover our costs.

Pets, alcohol, illegal drugs, weapons, smoking in your booth and gang insignia are not allowed. You must have someone in your booth at all times. It cannot be left unattended.

All events must be family friendly and appropriate for all ages. An organization’s participation and “activity” or “event” are subject to approval by the event organizers who reserve the right to prohibit participation if they feel the organization or the activity or event is not appropriate.

If you have any questions please call the Chamber at 860-423-6389 or email diane@windhamchamber.com. Thank you very much for your interest.

Helping businesses be more successful.

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