Music and Memory Program at St. Joseph’s Living Center

St. Joseph’s Living Center is delighted to announce our certification in “Music and Memory”, a trademarked program that greatly enhances the lives of residents by bringing distant memories to life.

As we all know from hearing that song associated with a first love, or a special moment (like a wedding song), music is profoundly linked to personal memories.

In fact, our brains are hard-wired to connect music with long term memory.  Even for residents with severe dementia, music can tap emotional recall.  Favorite music or songs associated with important personal events can trigger memory of lyrics and the experience connected to the music.  Beloved music often calms chaotic brain activity and enables the listener to focus on the present moment and revisit a connection to others.

Persons with dementia, Parkinson’s, depressions and other diseases can reconnect to the world and gain improved quality of life from listening to personal music favorites.

St. Joseph’s therapeutic recreation staff has become certified in the music and memory program. Here’s how it works: A personal playlist is created for identified individuals, when they are experiencing challenging moments during the day (or night) headphones are provided and the music is played providing each resident with special music unique to their preference.   “Dora”, one of our nurses who is also a certified dementia practitioner was delighted recently when she help soothe an agitated resident through music, “look at how happy he is!” Music can also help reduce the use of medications in residents as well, it simply a wonderfully holistic approach to caring for people.

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