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Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage a strong local economy and quality of life by promoting economic, civic, cultural and social development for all people in our community, with assistance to and empowerment of four specific cohorts, Veterans, Women and Girls, Artists, and Latinos, to help them grow personally, professionally and financially.


The Windham Region Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 public charity affiliated with The Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

Our Values

Collaboration-We hold the relationships and connections that we build with others paramount and we know it is our responsibility to build and sustain healthy partnerships that include multiple perspectives.

Integrity-In our line of work integrity is not an option but a requirement because those we serve trust us to help them, and we answer that call honestly and without personal gain.

Respect-This is crucial to our operation and is our foundation.  We respect those we serve, our partners and communities who help us, and our teammates.

Empathy-This is what drives us, actively listening and showing our genuine concern to those we serve is what makes us so good at what we do. 

Loyalty-We are united in our values and in our integrity with an unwavering commitment to our mission and to our team.

Hope-We believe that people are defined by their potential so we create an environment that cultivates a positive expectation of the future.

Excellence-We are committed to achieving the highest standards in performance, quality of work, and stewardship of relationships with our clients, our partners and our teammates.


We represent and support a diverse community of people with unique perspectives.

We believe all people deserve every opportunity to live with dignity and independence. It is our duty to deliver on our promise to always serve our community.

Our Services

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