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Jillson House Becomes Hospitality Center

The Jillson House Museum, 627 Main St, Willimantic, the big beautiful stone building you see when you come across the Frog Bridge, is at the intersection of several amazing hiking and biking trails, the East Coast Greenway, Air Line Trail North and Air Line Trail South.  The Air Line State Park Trail is named for the Air Line Railroad which once connected Boston and New York City by way of New Haven in the late 1800s and about 36,000 people come through Willimantic in a given year.  Last year there were 100 people who rode bikes from Maine to Florida. 

The Jillson House will be the only official Hospitality Center on this section of the trail.  They will be open every Saturday from 10 AM-4 PM, when the trail is used most, and will offer a heated or cooled environment out of the rain, bathrooms, a bike rack, basic first aid, basic bicycle repair kit, water, energy drinks and food.  There will also be a brochure rack for visitors that the Windham Region Chamber of Commerce will maintain as well as a “Bike Board” where bike themed events can be posted.  If you like people and have some time on Saturdays, you can volunteer at the Hospitality Center.  Please email us at

The Hospitality Center has been sponsored by the Windham Region Chamber of Commerce, Willimantic Rotary, American Savings Bank and the Eastern Region Tourism District.

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